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07 March 2018The Golden Pharaoh
04 April 2018This Won't Hurt a Bit. Medicine in Art through the Ages
02 May 2018"Calligeofiguresques". An introduction to Islamic Art
06 June 2018From Dreamtime to Machine Time
05 September 2018Three Great Families and their Gardens: A History of the Astors, the Rothschilds and the Sackville-Wests.

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The Golden Pharaoh Eileen Goulding Wednesday 07 March 2018

This lecture covers aspects of the life of boy king Tutenkhamun and his family.  It also explores his burial chamber in the Valley of the Kings.  Some of the wonderful things found in the tomb will be examined in detail.

Eileen Goulding ​is an Egyptologist author and lecturer, who specialises in the history, language,art religeon and funerary practices of the pharaohs and peoples of ancient Egypt.