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04 September 2019St Pancras and Friends: a journey through London's stations
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05 February 2020Charles Dickens - The Man and his Life through his Characters
04 March 2020'Stone on Stone: the men who built the Cathedrals'
01 April 2020Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera: the golden age of Mexican painting
06 May 2020Sevres Porcelain
03 June 2020'Fast Feet'

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St Pancras and Friends: a journey through London's stations Andrew Davies Wednesday 04 September 2019

In 1963, Euston Station with its famous Arch was wantonly destroyed. St Pancras, just along the road, was to have been the next casualty, but a campaign led by Sir John Betjeman secured a reprieve. Today the newly refurbished St Pancras, an invigorating mix of Gothic fantasy and innovative engineering stands proudly as a masterpiece. London’s stations have always been powerful and iconic structures, used everyday by many more people than pass through our dull airports. This lecture will explore their history and architecture, from Charing Cross and Waterloo to Victoria and Liverpool Street. It will also look at London’s underground stations from Metroland to the gleaming Jubilee line masterpieces.

Andrew Davies is an Extra Mural Tutor for London, Essex and the Open University. He is the author of 9 books including The East End Nobody Knows. He is a frequent contributor to both radio and television programmes.