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03 October 2018World War One; Poetry, Art and Music
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05 June 2019To the Far Side of the World: Captain Cook and the Enlightenment

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World War One; Poetry, Art and Music Denis Moriarty Wednesday 03 October 2018

Along with the horror and trauma in the trenches of the French battlefields in the first world war, there was courage, heroism and companionship.  This was expressed by poets such as Wilfred Owen and fellow soldiers Brooke, Sassoon and others, illustrated by  war artists Orfen, Nevinson and Singer Sargent and photographs from the battlefields and with music by Elgar, Butterworth, Gurney and Britten and also songs of soldiers from the trenches.

Denis Moriarty has an MA from Oxford and was a BBC television producer in the music and arts department. He has worked in India, Sri Lanka and the Americas. He leads cultural tours in many parts of the world, covering festivals, music, architecture and history.