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04 March 2020'Stone on Stone: the men who built the Cathedrals'
01 April 2020Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: the golden age of Mexican painting
06 May 2020Sevres Porcelain
03 June 2020'Fast Feet'

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'Stone on Stone: the men who built the Cathedrals' Imogen Corrigan Wednesday 04 March 2020

Standing in the nave of a cathedral, it is hard not to wonder how ordinary human beings could have created sky-scraping, dizzyingly high buildings on which even the topmost parts were delicately decorated in an age before even the simplest of power tools.

The lecture presents the full story of the men who built the cathedrals of the medieval era, who they were, how they lived, and how with the simplest of hand tools they created the astonishing buildings that hundreds of years later still stand as monuments to their ingenuity and skills.

Imogen Corrigan joined the army straight from school, retiring as a major after nearly twenty years of service. She then went to the University of Kent to study Anglo- Saxon and Medieval History, graduating with first class honours. She is now a free-lance lecturer, living and working in Britain and Europe.

The picture is of Exeter Cathedral