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05 December 2018In the Kingdom of the Sweets
07 November 2018250 years of the Royal Academy of Arts, London
03 October 2018World War One; Poetry, Art and Music
05 September 2018Three Great Families and their Gardens: A History of the Astors, the Rothschilds and the Sackville-Wests.
06 June 2018From Dreamtime to Machine Time
02 May 2018"Calligeofiguresques". An Introduction to Islamic Art
04 April 2018This Won't Hurt a Bit. Medicine in Art through the Ages
24 March 2018Special Interest Day - The Language of Clothes
07 March 2018The Golden Pharaoh
07 February 2018The Art of Cuisine and the Cuisine of Art
03 January 2018Photography as Fine Art
06 December 2017That Pretty German Toy - Musings on the Christmas Tree
01 November 2017William Hogarth 1697 to 1764
04 October 2017Pots and Frocks. The World of Grayson Perry from Essex Potter to Superstar National Treasure.
06 September 2017Jane Austen, A Bicentenary Celebration
07 June 2017Passions, Personalities and Patronage: Chatsworth and the Story of the Devonshire Family Collections, 1549 to Present
03 May 2017The Punch and Judy Show
05 April 2017Getting Under Their Skins: Finding Character and Story in Renaissance Art
01 March 2017The 200th Anniversary of the Parthenon Sculptures or How Lord Elgin Gained and Lost His Marbles
01 February 2017Banks, Burgundy and Piracy: the 15th Century Artists of Bruges..
04 January 2017The Trials and Tribulations of Van Gogh - as Seen Through His Works
07 December 2016Is Christmas in Good Taste?
02 November 2016Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates
05 October 2016Capability Brown and the English Landscape. The Birth and Death of the English Landscape Movement.
07 September 2016A Child of Six Could Do It! Cartoonists and Modern Art.
01 June 2016Brilliant British Humour in the Forgotten Art of the British Postcard 1909 -1939
04 May 2016Dance and Dancers - A Parisian Passion
06 April 2016The Founders and Treasures of the Wallace Collection
02 March 2016The Artists of Montmartre - The Pilgrims of Babylon
03 February 2016The Great Fire of London 1666: 350th Anniversary Lecture
06 January 2016The History of the Skyscraper
02 December 2015Merrily on High: the History of the English Christmas Carol
04 November 2015The Frome Hoard: the largest pot of Roman coins ever found in Britain
07 October 2015Mars and the Muses: The Renaissance Art of Armour
02 September 2015Up the Nile with Amelia: A Victorian Voyage
03 June 2015The South African Randlords and their Art Collections
08 May 2015Chipstead DFAS at the Banstead Arts Festival
06 May 2015The Story of the Great Omar Binding
01 April 2015Guerra! Guerra! Music, Art and War 1800-2000
04 March 2015Imperial Purple to Denim Blue: the Colourful History of Textiles
04 February 2015Great God! This is an awful place: Scott's fatal journey to the South Pole
07 January 2015Animals and their Role in Art
03 December 2014Mrs Beeton's Christmas
05 November 2014Royal Jewels from Tsars to Maharajahs
01 October 2014The Life and Times of the Sundial
03 September 2014Frederick the Great: Soldier and Collector
04 June 2014Gustav Klimt: Fin de Siecle Sensualist
07 May 2014The War to end all Wars: The Art of World War I
02 April 2014An Ideal Partnership: Lutyens and Jekyll
05 March 2014The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
05 February 2014The Art of Seduction
08 January 2014The Life and Times of Samuel Pepys
04 December 2013A celebration of Christmas in music and painting
06 November 2013Temples, tombs and treasures: In search of the Queen of Sheba
04 October 2013Art inspired by Wine
02 October 2013"If walls could talk"
04 September 2013Treasures of the Silk Road: From China to the Mediterranean
05 June 2013Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture
10 May 2013Music in the Great Art collections of Europe
01 May 2013From Berlin to Bridlington – Lucian Freud and David Hockney
03 April 2013Signs and Symbols:The Hidden Messages in Art
06 March 2013Jennie Churchill: Winston’s American Mother:Style Icon or Ambitious Seductress?
06 February 2013Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion:The History of Magic through Art and Pictures
02 January 2013In the Bleak Midwinter:Artists Responses to Snow
05 December 2012“Deck the Hall” Yuletide Customs and Traditions
07 November 2012Christmas at Covent Garden:300 years of Christmas shows at one of London’s greatest theatres
03 October 2012Bars, Bedsits and Bordellos: The Lowlife of Ancient Pompeii
05 September 2012King George III, “The Most Cultured Monarch” Art Collector and Friend of America
06 June 2012The Boy who Bit Picasso
02 May 2012Thomas Moran - The Turner of the American West
04 April 2012The Luttrell Psalter
07 March 2012Shafts of Light : The Phenomenon of Mining Art
01 February 2012Music on the Grand Tour
04 January 2012Meet Me at the Waldorf
07 December 2011Picturing the Nativity - Painting by Numbers
02 November 2011At The Sign of the Falcon - The Life and Works of Harry Murphy
05 October 2011From Phaetons to Phantoms
07 September 2011Art of the Home Front
01 June 2011The Magic of Vermeer
14 May 2011Leonardo Da Vinci at the Court of Milan
04 May 2011Charles Dickens and the Theatre: ‘A Circle of Stage Fire’
06 April 2011The Greatest Collectors of all time: The Art Fund
02 March 2011Mary Magdalene: A Woman much Maligned
02 February 2011London’s Changing Skyline: Past, present and future

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In the Kingdom of the Sweets Nigel Bates Wednesday 05 December 2018

This lecture is about the Nutcracker ballet which has been performed at Christmas for decades.  The popular ballet, after being deemed a failure at its first performance, now takes its rightful place on the stage.  The music of Tchaikovsky along with storytelling, design and dance all come together to make this ballet a pleasing experience for  both young and old.

Nigel Bates is music administrator for the Royal Ballet.  He was Principle Percussionist of the orchestra of the Royal Opera House from from 1993 to 2009 and has worked as a freelance percussionist with most of the London orchestras for 40 years.  He was also a producer for the BBC's Maestro at the Opera and Pappano's Classical Voices documentary series and has given lectures for over 20 years to arts societies and conservatoires.