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24 March 2018The Language of Clothes: Visual Codes and Messages
18 March 2017Special Interest Day: Silver
05 March 2016Report on "Tribal Rugs: Treasures of the Black Tent"
14 March 2015Chipstead DFAS special interest day: Drawing for the Terrified!
14 November 2014Area Special Interest Day. The Two Faces of Russia: Moscow & St Petersburg
14 March 2014Area Special Interest Day: Victorian Art: the Stories and the Scandals; and Picasso and his Women
22 February 2014Special Interest Day. Designed for Wearing: Jewellery in the 20th Century
09 February 20135,000 Years of Glass
18 February 2012Painting for the Petrified
05 March 2011Special Interest Day: The History of Clocks and Watches

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The Language of Clothes: Visual Codes and Messages Mary Alexander Saturday 24 March 2018

The subject of this year’s Special Interest Day was on clothes and fashion through the ages for both men and women,.  Mary Alexander, an experienced art lecturer gave us three excellent lectures illustrated with images from works of art and of styles of fashions. Her in- depth knowledge inspired us to look on wearing of clothes and following fashions in a new way.

Alan Lansdown.

Illustration by Merle Clay